The Attic. Art Gallery & Antiques

Right next to the spectacular Santa Maria Cathedral in the heart of El Borne, you find The Attic! Amongst other authentic art galleries and the hipster shops on Carrer Mirallers you have this beautiful gallery run by Silvia Serra.

From the moment you walk in, you see stuff that you’ll only find in her gallery! She has the right mix between vintage furniture and handmade wallpieces. Almost everything she designs and produces herself. The vintage furniture she collects from all over Barcelona, because she likes them herself. Every piece by itself is different, with an own identity.

That’s the gallery and now the creative brain of all this… Silvia Serra was born in Barcelona, Spain the 4th of October of 1978. Is the last but one daughter of her father, who has 3 children, and she is also the last but one daughter of her mother who has 5 children, As a child she was rude and a big know-it-all, unpopular among the most refined ones, she considered books as her best friends and shut herself in her room to write never ending novels. Her teens were bitter and lumpy but she had a good time. The second year of what we most consider adulthood she departed to foreign countries moved by her need of learning other languages and cultures and a slight clash with justice. She left Spain and moved almost all over the world living here and there. Her insomnia and her relationship with a certain Dutch (!) photographer drove her to the art of painting and photography twelve years ago. She lives now in Barcelona, in an antique building with a golden carp called Sergio, a seahorse named Deniz, Teo the Meerkat, and two birds, Ramón (deceased) and Phoebe. Silvia Serra loves Arts, Beauty, She’s not sure about herself as an artist…she’s just happy creating. She loves avocado, beer, coffee and she’s always begging for a massage.

She really pays attention who’s you coming to have a look at her gallery. I once bought a piece a few years ago, walked in last summer and she still recognized me. She really lives by her passion, the gallery.

So im not gonna tell you must go to her gallery if you’re in BCN. Because if you don’t go, its your own loss. And if you’re still not convinced, first take a look at her website ( or like her facebookpage ( There you see her work and some fresh photography by….. ofcourse Silvia Serra! Remember the name.

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